Saturday, May 13, 2006

Road trip!

We've got a long weekend coming up, so we're taking the opportunity for Andrew to work in Kirkland, Washington and we'll drive there and back. Washington State (as opposed to Washington DC) is 2 states up, and is a 12-15 hour drive. So we'll probably leave on the Friday night before the long weekend, drive as far as we can that night, stay wherever, then on Saturday should be a shortish drive to Redwood National Park (in California) and camp there overnight. Redwood National Park is right on the coast, so you can camp in amongst the huge Redwood trees while looking out to the ocean. Sounds pretty damn good to me!

Sunday we'll pass through the state of Oregon, and then be in Kirkland by Monday. We're happy to just take our time, and stop wherever takes our fancy and see some pretty stuff along the way.

That week we'll stay in Kirkland, which is right near Seattle - the capital of Washington - and head back the weekend after. We'll have to drive a bit harder to get back in a reasonable time on Sunday for Andrew to recover and go back to work on Monday, but we'll go the inland route rather than the coastal route which will be a bit faster.

If anyone has been to Seattle, or done this drive and would like to recommend anything in particular, please let us know! We'd love to hear any suggestions. I'll have the week to myself wandering about Seattle and Kirkland, and seen a few things I'd like to do.

Once we do this, we will have driven through all of the states on the western coast of the US, and we will have pretty much have driven from top to bottom of the US on this side!

The map below shows the states I've been to, and will have done once we get back from this trip.

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chrubuky said...


That trip sounds like the shizzle! I have only recently been reading about Redwood after a friend did a trip to the west coast national parks for her honeymoon.

I'm sure you'll have an interesting time & cant wait to see any pics you bring back.