Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kitty update

Well, all the kittens have been adopted! They were up for adoption 2 Thursdays ago. Bella went on Saturday, then the following Wednesday (last week) Frodo and Mojo got adopted together, and Shadow went to his new home later that day also. Little Byron was the last to go, and the poor little guy was really clinging to mum after all of his siblings had gone, but he went to a new home on Friday.

Now it's just Cleo looking for a home, and it looks like our neighbour Carol is going to adopt her tomorrow! Carol came to visit them all when we had them and loved Cleo and her gorgeous personality and expressive eyes, so that will be wonderful!

It also sounds as though the kittens went to really good homes, so it's a happy ending for the family who were dumped and previously unwanted! :)

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