Friday, May 12, 2006

Ha! I now have authorisation to work...

Unbelievable. I went to Immigration this morning to pout and stamp my feet because Tanya got her work authorisation permit after a month, and I'm still waiting for mine.

I expected a "I'm sorry, but you'll just have to wait". What I got was "Oh really? Well I'll just print you out one right now". Simple as that. It was obvious I was eligible, and I have waited a long time, so she just did some forms, I took it to the cashier, who did something else, then sent me to someone else who took my photo on the spot, then they laminated it while we waited, and it was done!

It's only valid until January of next year whereas our visas are valid until October of next year, but it's just supposed to tide me over until they finish processing my "real" authoriation card. So I can now work. I can't believe it was that "easy" (the term being used lightly).

I'll need to wait 10 days though for them to get their act together, then I can go to Social Security, and apply for a Social Security number, then I can start working! If Social Security has to go back to Immigration and request secondary verification that I'm allowed to be here, it will probably take a couple of months, but if I'm in their systems, it'll only take a couple of weeks. So I can at least start applying for jobs now, but I can't get paid until I get my SSN, and if I go through an agency for contract work, they probably won't accept me without an SSN.

So I still need to be patient, but at least it's getting closer!

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chrubuky said...

God - the whole visa/SSN/American beaurocrasy that you've had to go through sounds like such a trial. For the UK it was pretty much a case of turn up with the visa & start going.

Enjoy the time you have off. I spent 5 months wandering around London without a job last year & it was the best time ever. I only realised just how good it was once I started working :)