Thursday, May 25, 2006

Road trip map

This is kind of the route we're taking on our road trip. Click on the map a couple of times to make it a bit bigger.

On the way up we'll be going right on the coast most of the way and stopping in the Redwood National Park (probably the dark green blob near the grey blob on the coast just below the border of California and Oregon), then joining onto the Google route continuing to Portland then up to Kirkland, Washington. On the way back we'll pretty much take the inland route on Google Earth shown.

1400k trip each way, and it'll be a bit longer on the way up since we're taking the longer route, but I think it'll be worth it :) Lucky our lovely Prius likes long trips, and is a great car for that sort of thing!


miners said...

Cool - much more interesting google earth map than my efforts!

ewen said...

I'd be taking the Oregon coast road Sarah. Mt Saint Helens is worth a visit.

I'm holidaying in the states/Canada in June - might bump into you.