Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Woohoo I got a job!

I signed up for a new temping group on Monday, and they called yesterday and asked if I could do a phone interview today. So I had a phone interview at 10 with the manager of the area, another one at 1pm with a girl I'll be working with, went back to the agency at 2pm so the lady coordinating the job through the agency could meet with me, then another phone interview at 4pm! Between that I've also volunteered at the shelter, so it's been quite the busy day and I haven't got done anywhere near as much as I needed to!

But I got the job though which is fantastic. The company is VMware, which is a software company, and according to Andrew, gives me geek cred :-) The position is a Marketing Assistant, and I'll be involved with organising conferences, seminars and other things like that, helping out with projects for the marketing people, and also some administrative tasks. It sounds as though there's great opportunities for extra tasks and advancement, the people sound fantastic, and the company itself seems like a really good place to work. It's a long term contract, with the view to go permanent in the next 6 months or so.

They are 11km from home, so will be an easy ride to work which is nice!

Did I mention Woohoo? :-) I start next Tuesday, and also start uni officially next week, so that will be quite a busy week! Andrew is flying out to Australia tomorrow (Thursday) night for a little over a week for work to go to a conference in Canberra, so while it'll be quiet without him and I probably won't sleep very well, it should give me the chance to sort out a good work/uni balance and start getting myself into a routine.

I have so many things I need to do for my last few days as a stay at home wife!


terah said...

Congrats! It all sounds very exciting!

miners said...

woo hoo! now you have to put some shoes on, get out of the kitchen (hopefully you're not pregnant), and get out there! Congratulations :)

Louise said...

heh, we use VMware a lot! Their new server software is great. Welcome to geek world. :-)