Saturday, July 01, 2006

What nightmares are made of

Ok, so I have a fear of dentists. I lost my front tooth when I was 6 or 7 I guess, and saw orthodontists for a period of 8-10 years, and had numerous operations trying to get the adult tooth down and then eventually removing it, getting braces, and getting a false tooth on a plate in there.

I still have a lingering fear in my head from so many dentist/orthodontist appointments.

So having the dental implant recently was a big step for me. It's all gone fairly well so far, but last weekend my gum was getting sore at the bone graft site where the false tooth sits. Then a bit of white was showing. Then the bit of white got larger and larger throughout the week and I realised I had bone coming through my gum. I couldn't get into the surgeon until today, so had been freaking out all week that the bone graft hadn't taken and my body was rejecting it.

So at the dentists, he looked at it, and said it was wobbly, and just a flake of bone (not the whole bone graft). So he went away and came back and started toward my mouth with A PAIR OF PLIERS!!!!!! A pair of freaking pliers!!!!!

I freaked out, jumped a foot inthe air, and cringed into the far side of the chair and got as far away fro those pliers as I could. If there hadn't have been something blocking me I would have jumped out of the chair. He tried to tell me that he would talk me through it. I asked if it would hurt. He asked if I would like some numbing gel. Shit.

So he gave me some numbing gel, then put the pliers in and ripped out the bit of bone. I didn't really feel much thank god, but ohhhh man the whole thing is going to give me friggin nightmares for weeks.

Andrew thought my reaction was hilarious and so couldn't stop giggling. Once I calmed down a bit I also realised it was kinda funny, and we giggled all the way home once it was all over and done with.

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