Tuesday, October 04, 2005

2500m continuous swim

I had a nice swim at the AIS last night. It was nice and quiet, and by the end there was only 2 of us using the entire pool!

It's great to do laps and not have to worry about overtaking people, or have people tapping your feet. You can just put your head down and swim.

So I was just planning to swim for 45 minutes. I thought I'd do a 1500m swim just to see how it went then do some drills or something.

At about 800m I was thinking maybe I'd have a drink break at the 1000m mark, then do another 1000m and stop then. But when I got to 1000m I checked my watch and realised I'd done 1100m and I was feeling really good, so I figured I may as well keep going to the 1500m mark.

When I got close to 1500, I stopped for 5 seconds or so for a drink of water, then just kept going, and as I got closer to the 2000m mark, I figured I'd just keep on going!

It was getting close to 8pm and Andrew was cooking dinner and I said I'd be home by 8pm, so I just swam through to the 2500m, and jumped out of the pool and raced home so I woudn't be too late for dinner.

I was getting tired toward the end of the 2500m, but I didn't seem to get tired until I'd decided I would definitely stop at 2500m. It's just a mental thing - while I was just seeing how far I could get I felt great, but as soon as I decided I would stop soon, my stroke got short and choppy, I wasn't kicking as well, and I was hanging out for it to finish.

So next time I want to do 3500m continuous so I have that confidence for my triple tri swim which is now only 6 1/2 weeks away!


Jen_runs said...

Well done; what a great swim. About time I got back in the pool I think!


Cirque said...

What a great swim! It's great that you're still so fit after all the health problems you've had lately.

miners said...

Hey great swim Sarah - don't know how on earth you do it! I get so bored after the first 200m or so that I have to continually push myself to keep going. Great to see someone has the discipline