Friday, October 14, 2005

Getting better

Slowly getting there. I can lift the corners of my mouth into a lame smile, and my cheeks aren't as puffy. It still throbs a bit, and my eye is still getting puffier for some strange reason and looks more bruised as you can see from the photo below.

I still can't really open my mouth, but I'm feeling much better today than I have all week energy wise which is good!

I just have to make sure I keep on taking it easy and icing all day still and not do anything stupid!.

And here's all the photos for the whole wisdom teeth extraction recovery


Aki said...

Gosh, I see why you didn't want to come out on Friday, lol! Is tomorrow off then? We can always meet up next weekend, whatever you feel like. :)

Jen_runs said...

Funny thing is that I had been considering having my wisdom teeth removed. They niggle from time to time but don't really cause me any problems. Not anymore; they are staying in as long as possible ;-)


Ema Brunton said...

I just had my wosdoms out and it was really straight forward I went back to work the next day and didnt suffer at all!

Unlucky for some - hope you're better now


Terri said...

ha, wow... I somehow stumbled on your website, and I just wanted to thank you for posting everything that you did. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and I'm a bit worried about the post op, but now at least I know somethings which can happen... thanks