Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Well, 2 days later and I'm not feeling any better. Much worse in fact. My face is really swollen to the point that I can barely fit a teaspoon into my mouth to eat. It's a struggle to get a toothbrush into my mouth to brush my teeth. I still feel nauseous, probably from all the drugs I'm taking (a nice mixture of Nurofen, Panadeine Forte and Amoxil).

My face is just aching at the moment and has been most of the day and no amount of ice, cold face washers or drugs is helping.

We were quite worried this morning as my eye was getting swollen and they'd said it wasn't good if that happened. The doc had a look in my mouth and said it was all good, and hopefully the swelling should start going down tomorrow.

I bloody hope so, I can't stand this for much longer.

Me this morning:


Jen_runs said...

Oh you poor thing :-(

Hope you feel better soon,


Cirque said...

Oh Sarah!! You poor thing! You are really having a rough time with medical things this year! I hope the swelling goes down soon.

Louise said...

wow! That's really impressive. You don't have anything stronger than Nurofen? (I was given some really strong blue pills for mine)

Hang in there... it'll get better soon.