Monday, October 17, 2005

Better again!

Went back to work today and felt fine. It hurts to laugh as my right cheek is still bruised and has a hard tender lump right where the bruising is. Incidentally, I've been trying to brush my teeth (still can't quite open my mouth wide enough to get a toothbrush to the back teeth) and using a torch to have a look at how things are going and check where the stitches and things are so I know where to avoid.

I discovered that there's stitches on the inside of my cheek right where the main part of the hardness is, kind of next to the tooth second from the back at the top. I have no idea why there's stitches there - surely there'd be no wisdom teeth anywhere near there!! I wonder if they've managed to gouge part of my cheek out, and that's where they've repaired it? It would certainly explain the pain, tenderness, bruising and the lump. It's also not on the other side, despite the top wisdom teeth being in similar positions.

I don't really care if they have managed to gouge a hole into me, I understand that pulling teeth can be a bit brutal, but it'd be nice if they'd told me the stitches were there!

I really don't want to be brushing the back teeth on the outside surface in case I knock the stitches.

Anyway, so things are going fine and I don't seem to have any dry sockets, haven't opened any wounds, don't seem to have infections from getting food stuck in the holes or anything bad like that. I've been very careful with initially rinsing regularly with salt water to help the healing, and now rinsing constantly with Listerine to keep my mouth clean as well as brushing what teeth I can. Fingers crossed it keeps going well! My follow up appointment is next Monday so I should know more then.

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ruben said...

oh god my cheek got yellow too