Monday, October 17, 2005

Check up

I had to go to the GP today, so I asked her to check out all the stitches and everything while I was there to make sure everything was all good, and yes, it all looks good – yay! She did say that I have an ulcer on the swollen side near where the stitches are, and she said I’d probably already felt that. Nope?? Oh well, whatever!

She also said that the lump in my cheek is just a hematoma (ie. a bruise/pooling of blood) and it’ll go away. Similar to say… when someone throws a hard ball and scones you in the leg, and you’re left with a lumpy bruise.

Anyone got any idea how to make it go faster? When I try to open my mouth further, it hurts where the lump is, so I assume that’s partially what’s stopping my mouth opening further (as well as general stiffness).

Anyone know any way of helping this break down??? It’s making doing normal things like talking, yawning, brushing my teeth and eating quite difficult/painful!

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sprikles said...

I just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed last Tuesday and now I'm left with a huge bulge (hematoma) on my left jaw. I was wondering how long did it take for your hematoma to heal or at least started to "unswell"?