Sunday, October 30, 2005

Swimming and the joys of moving country!

I managed a nice swim yesterday with Aki at the AIS pool. I’ve pulled out of the swim legs for the triple tri as I’m flying out to America 2 days after the race and think I’m going to be pretty busy that weekend! I’m also constantly exhausted at the moment from either getting run down trying to plan everything, or from a virus and training is the absolute last thing on my mind.

So the swim was great, there was no pressure, we could just paddle around in the pool. I love the AIS pool. It’s always clean, you can usually be assured of your own lane, the water temperature is nice (once you get in!), and you can go and sit in the spa afterwards!

Aki’s fairly new to swimming, so I gave her a few pointers that people have given me over the years, and enjoyed just doing a nice easy swim myself. The spa was good as well – my back’s been a little achy, so I positioned myself so a good strong jet was aimed right where it was feeling sore, and it feels heaps better today!

Getting out of the spa though I realised how tired I was, and got home, had a shower, lay down for “5 minutes”, and finally woke up again 1 1/2 hours later when our neighbours came around for wine and cheese... When they left we still didn’t have the energy to do anything (Andrew’s been a bit knocked around with a bit of a cold) so once again, we failed to get some US Customs paperwork done that we really need to do, didn’t get the washing in before it started raining again, didn’t get to the shops, didn’t manage to get the wet clothes to the Laundromat so we could actually have dry clothes to wear today. Sigh...

I think we have so much to do still, but we don't seem to actually be achieving anything. I'm sure it'll work out in the end :-)

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Aki said...

thanks for all the help you gave me!