Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Pole dancing lunchtime Fyshwick???

Apparently someone googled for this and got to my blog. Interesting!

Sitemeter is so cool!! I love how it tells you who's been looking at your blog, how they got there, and if they got there through a search engine, what words they were searching for.

And no I haven't started a new career in pole dancing. Apparently Pole dancing lunchtime Fyshwick came from a variety of posts talking about running around the lake at LUNCHTIME, a friends daughter who does Irish DANCING, and some time I went to FYSHWICK to pick up something.

Ever since Andrew blogged about how crap I looked after getting my wisdom teeth out and linked to my website, which then went to a couple of popular Planet's that get read by lots of people around the world, my blog has gone nuts!!

Quite a few people are getting referred to me through search engines, my blog is now the second major site when you google worldwide for my name and best of all, someone found my Aortic Aneurysm information by googling for "Familial Aortic Aneurysm". Yeehaa!


miners said...

Sorry? Someone googled pole-dancing on you and came up with your wisdom teeth shots?

Spud said...

Sarah, consider yourself famous then and oh.. by the way tagged too!

See my Blog, cheers!